Game Wallet

Turn any GameBoy into a secure offline cold wallet. Generate a seed phrase using a hash of your button presses as you walk around and complete quests.

The future of digital sovereignty is in your hands. Packaged in a truly offline hardware wallet with the certainty of no firmware updates.

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The Game Wallet - Turn any GameBoy into a secure offline cold wallet | Product Hunt


What does this do?
Game Wallet is a GameBoy cartridge that lets players generate mnemonic phrases  for crypto wallets using an offline device.
Why now?
Generating randomness securely will always be vital to our digital life. Recent events have led to uncertainty around hardware wallets, which demonstrates a need for a simple and low-tech alternative.
Who is this for?
Developers, crypto nerds, and people interested in learning more about cryptography and digital sovereignty.
Why is “offline” important?
Devices that physically cannot connect to the internet are more secure by nature. A device that was created before cryptocurrency existed, that can never be attacked through digital phishing, and has been sitting on your shelf for 20 years is even better.
Is this Open Source?
Yes! If you’d like to flash your own cartridge, and minimize trust, we’ll provide everything you need. Please consider giving our GitHub repository a star.
Who is building this?
Game Wallet was started as a side project by Joseph Schiarizzi, a long time Solidity developer and Assembly programming lover. After seeing other hardware wallets go back on their promise of being true cold storage, the Keyp team saw the need to finish Game Wallet and make it available to everyone.
Will Game Wallet ever have firmware updates?
No firmware updates ever. Any update will be released as a new game.
How does Game Wallet work?
We converted an open source assembly implementation of the sha256 hashing algorithm used to generate cryptographic seed phrases based on BIP-39 into GBAssembly, the language all GameBoy games are programmed in. Randomness is introduced by the player as they walk around the world and complete engaging quests.

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